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Size Guide

There’s a storage unit for everyone – whether you’re a student, single, couple, family or business owner, you’ll find your perfect storage space at an SSAA-member storage facility.

In order to cater to the diverse needs of storers across Australasia, SSAA-member self storage facilities offer broad range of unit types and sizes. The guide below shows some of the most common units and some examples of the sort of things you could store in them.

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Small Units (1m2 – 6m2)

Small unit 1x2m

1 X 2m (2m2)

Ideal for students, individuals, or business owners in search of a small secure space to store personal items, collectables, valuables, jewellery, clothes, books, sporting gear, business archives, files, and supplies.
Similar size to a: Cupboard
Small unit 1x3m

1 X 3m (3m2)

Ideal for storing the contents of a garden shed or filing room. Store filing cabinets, smaller furniture, appliances, TVs, dishwashers, fridges, upright wardrobes, collectables, gardening tools and sports gear.
Similar size to a: Sudy Nook
Small unit 5x3m

1.5 X 3m (4.5m2)

Ideal for contents of a single room or office. Store smaller furniture items, single beds, desks, boardroom furniture, stock items, seasonal display items, sports gear, books, boxes of household goods, white goods, electronics, appliances and more.
Similar size to a: Walk In Robe

Medium Units (6m2 – 13m2)

Medium unit 2x3m

2 X 3m (6-8m2)

Ideal for singles or couples looking to store an assortment of household objects. Stores everything mentioned above plus larger furniture items dressers and wardrobes, bookshelves and couches.
Similar size to a: Bathroom
Medium unit 3x3m

3 X 3m (8-10m2)

Ideal for businesses looking to store excess equipment, seasonal and sales props, archives and files and delivery bikes. Restaurant owners can store kitchen equipment, linen, seasonal decorations, and furniture.
Similar size to a: Average Bedroom
Medium unit 3x4m

3 X 4m (10-13m2)

Ideal for contents of an apartment or office suite. Store mid-sized furniture, office equipment, workshop equipment, larger sporting gear (such as surfboards, kayaks, bicycles), jet skis, motorbikes, power tools, and gardening equipment.
Similar size to a: Avg Living / Dining Area

larger Units (13m2 – mini Warehouses)

Larger unit 3x5m

3 X 5m (15m2)

Ideal for use when renovating your home or business premises, creating space in your yard or garage or making room for a new arrival. Store the contents of a single room, garage or office including desks, chairs, couches, TVs, computers, bookshelves, beds, mattresses, cupboards, tools, lawnmowers, and boxes.
Similar size to a: Small Garage
Larger unit 3x6m

3 X 6m (18m2)

Ideal for contents of a house or for business inventory storage. Store large items of furniture such as lounge, dining and bedroom suites, pool or billiard tables, table tennis sets, office equipment, large quantities of stock, seasonal or tradeshow items. Also suitable as vehicle storage for a car, van, trailer or caravan.
Similar size to a: Single Garage

Mini Warehouses (>18m2)

Ideal for business owners looking for a secure space in which to store and manage large inventories. Also great as a base of operations for tradespeople and sole traders working in the field. Store everything you need to run your business including stock, archives, workshop equipment, tools, vehicles, office furniture, and more.
Similar size to a: Double Car Garage

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