Specialised Storage

Gun lockers? Wine Storage?
Looking for a safe, secure, specialised storage solution to ensure your sensitive items are kept in mint condition? You’ll find the ideal self storage unit to store guns, wine, vintage cars, and more at one of our SSAA-member self storage facilities.

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Specialised Storage Includes:

Legally compliant gun storage for firearms is available at numerous SSAA-member storage facilities. This means shooting enthusiasts can enjoy their sport, still comply with the law and keep their guns safely stowed out of harm’s way.
Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply a lover of great wines, storing them can be tricky – especially with the extremes of temperature we experience in Australasia. StorageFinder will help you to find the ideal storage facility for all your wine storage needs.

Sports cars, vintage cars, RVs, boats and big boy toys require specialised storage solutions. Whether you’re looking to store your pride and joy or your work in progress or anything in between, StorageFinder will help you find the ideal vehicle storage space.

Got climate-sensitive items to store? With StorageFinder, it’s easy to find the perfect climate controlled storage unit at an SSAA-member storage facility near you.

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